Strongholds without portals?

10. 30. 2022

Strongholds without portals?

I recently started a new Minecraft world with my friend and we were having fun as people do. I set out to find the end portal and to my surprise found a stronghold nearby.

I then started digging and found nothing. After a while I get off and enter creative with the same seed to try and find the portal. I use them up but the ender eyes only lead me to the strongholds, no end portals for some reason.

I then flew through the stronghold and decided to find another. So I took off and found a second stronghold, but again, no end portal. I try one more time and find the third stronghold within the -1000 x and z to the 1000 x and z area on my map.

No end portal.

Now I'm really confused, how can I reach the end if I found all three and Strongholds but none of them have end portals? Is this like a bug?