Private game servers?

11. 10. 2022

Private game servers?

Lately I've been checking out official and private game servers for various games, anything from Minecraft to WoW. For all online games official servers are generally easily accessible, for Minecraft there's Realms, for WoW there are official servers etc so pretty easy to find. For private game servers, I've checked out some of game servers on serverlist which lists servers for various games.

But the real question is which servers are better? There's probably no easy answer to that and it varies between games and also depends on what you as a player want. But that won't stop us from discussing upsides and downsides.

So lets start with official sometimes called vanilla servers. Those are generally provided and hosted by game developers themselves. Usually players know what they can expect and generally support isn't all that good, if you have for example specific issue it can take forever to sort it out, that is if you can even contact someone that cares. For example while I was playing GTA I got killed by a modder and as you can imagine I didn't get my stuff back and support still didn't reply my requests. But at least you always know what to expect and what gameplay will be like.

If we touch private game servers, those are generally a whole new world. On most of private servers you can reach out to game server owner or staff members and actually ask them to help you or maybe even sort out your issue. Most of private game servers are managed by community members so they actually have good knowledge of what is going on on their servers.

Furthermore, official servers are usually slow with updates and adding new features, which makes them boring pretty fast. On the other hand some private servers, regardless of which game you're playing, are pushing out updates weekly some even daily. Which means there's always something new and something to do.

So should you play on official or private game servers? Only you can answer that, but I would suggest you try them out both and see for yourself.