Millénaire: NPC Village Mod

11. 21. 2022

Millénaire: NPC Village Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys one of the most popular mod for Minecraft called Millénaire, which is a single and multiplayer mod. The main feature of this mod is to fill the ” emptiness” of single player mode by adding a lot of NPC villages to it. In detailed, they are 11th-century Norman, Mayans and North Indian themes with additional variety cultures.

This Millénaire's villages are filled with men, women and childrens of many kinds, who perform tasks just like real other player such as trading with player, expending current buildings or even improving them, crafting tools and amulets, cultivating crops as rice in Indian or wheat in Norman villages, very realistic.

In fact, the number of villagers increases as twice as couples have children who grow up and transform into new adults. Players can help villages grow by trading with NPC and be rewarded with feature items such as Indian and Norman food or statues to decorate your own house, which is very exciting.

And when the relationship between you and other NPC neighbors become good enough, they might build you a house, or even do your house work. This mod is so fascinating for people who feels boring when playing Minecraft alone, this mod will blow their mind.