How to bring Minecraft back to the forefront?

01. 17. 2023

How to bring Minecraft back to the forefront?

Alright so Minecraft has the ingredients to make the game popular again but can't seem to put them together.

What they should do:

Adventure mode should be heavily focused on. It'd be easy for them to create adventure maps for the base game and then advertise the crap out of it. I know it exists for realms but it should be focused on, co-op adventure games are the bees knees. A singleplayer with polished cut scenes as DLC would be great, kinda like the game made by Telltale but an actual Minecraft game.

Work with modders. They could incorporate popular mods into the base game. Would be the first game I've heard of that would have done this (Bethesda having paid mods does not count). The game needs more content. More enemies and more places to explore are a must. A lot of Technic mods are well-polished and could easily be added to the game.

Been playing since 2012 and have no problem with the game, is easily my most played game, probably at an embarrassing level.