Beacon Mod

01. 20. 2023

Beacon Mod

As we can see, there are so many Minecraft mods which change the whole gameplay of this game or simply make updating other mods easier. The thing is, when they don't really have much effect on the gameplay on their own, and you consider how they could work with other installed mods, this could be very interesting !! This Beacon Mod today we introduce to you guys is one such mod.

After installed, Beacon mod will look at your saved servers list, now, you can keep your favorites and simply rejoin them with just a couple click, saving a lot of time, rather than typing the server IP to join every time. This Beacon mod also has an outstanding feature that : if your Minecraft installation features any missing mods, Beacon will help you to download it!

But remember, the Beacon mod only checks for mods which had been installed on your saved servers, so its scope is limited. As result, it won't pull any mods that you've never seen before or suggest you to some other new mods. The main process of this Beacon mod is look at the servers that you have saved, see which mods are used on those servers, get the latest version of those mods if possible, so player can easily join them on multiplayer or single. This process could take a long time depending on how many mods required on your server and how far you are with keeping them updated!

With this Beacon mod, everything is simple and easy though. All you need to do is restart your Minecraft after Beacon mod has finished its task and you'll be able to join your favorite servers as well.