Aliens Vs Predator, Prometheus – SciFi Horror Mod

02. 01. 2023

Aliens Vs Predator, Prometheus – SciFi Horror Mod

Have you ever watched or played ” Aliens vs Predator ” movies and games series ? With only one scene, we've known how horror it is, how frightening it is .. If you feel bored with the original Minecraft game play, you should come to Aliens Vs Predator, Prometheus mod.

This is an adventure/action type mod, you can't found boring and not challenging in every second you play it. This mod contains several new things such as items, blocks, mobs, … This mod include those creatures that will kick your ass while attempting to mine a block of dirt or even a sand dirt.

And if you're scared of horror and surprised things, this mod is not for you. Example, worm-like creatures bursting out of a chest, or spider-like creature jump right in front of your face .. But if you like that, you really need to check out this mod !!! You'll be helping the Alien species reproduce thing in no time.

Last but not least, this mod adds about 50 blocks, 10 to 15 mobs, and around 30 items, if you want to see in detail, you can found it on the Arisux website.